February 23rd, 2017

V/A - WALL OF AMBIENT SOUND 2016 (Mix Album)

Artists: Various
Album: Wall Of Ambient Sound 2016
Compiled And Mixed by EugeneKha
Label / Release: 45 Echoes Sounds || 2016
Style: Ambient, Collage, Mix
Time / Format: 110:38 || MP3, FLAC
Part 1 — 53:29; Part 2 — 57:09
Note: Wall Of Ambient Sound 2016 – This Collage

Traditionally label 45 Echoes Sounds the end of the year musical collage From The Various Ambient Tracks Published In 2016 In A Our Label.
In The Collage Fragments Of Tracks By A.L.O.N.E., Christopher Alvarado, December Nightskies, EugeneKha, [existence sounds], Green Ice Cream, Jack Hertz, INKhE (EugeneKha & West Remi), Jam Dazan, Scott Lawlor, Lost-radio, [mikra], Microbit Project, Mystified, Pestis Aeterna, Pulse Mandala, SiJ, Sinhaler, Symphocat, West Remi